Customer stories

Electrical safety test station for different power cookers

The hardware performs functional and electrical safety testing of the product to be connected to the mains semi-automatically, the computer controlling the testing controls the testing by displaying instructions and operating instructions for the operations to be performed manually. The actual testing takes place automatically. Tests include ground continuity, insulation resistance and dielectric strength, and leakage current. Finally, functional testing is performed. One channel of the current measuring unit is calibrated for pressure measurement of the product under test. The software is the Safetest 2000 program developed by Finero for controlling test equipment and saving the results to a computer.

Test room for testing gas measurement modules

Controlled conditions are made in the test room according to the customer’s requirements. The external dimensions of the room are 5.3 m x 2.7 m and the height is 2.7 m. The room has a temperature control in the temperature range 0 … + 60 C ° and a humidity control of 20… 90 % RH, the air flow in the room can be adjusted very precisely. There are three refrigeration machines, with a total cooling capacity of 21 kW. The power dissipation in the room can be a maximum of 5 kW. Inside the room there are bower rail for powering the products. The room has separate monitoring sensors for temperature and humidity. There can be a maximum of 800 products to be tested in the room.

Testing equipment for testing lighting / heating elements

Computer-controlled tester for PE continuity and insulation resistance for measurements, and finally functional testing. First, the QR code is read from the product under test, according to which the computer selects the correct test parameters. The adapter is connected to the terminal blocks of the product under test, the test is started from the ground probe switch. After testing, a QR code label is printed that stores the date, product name, serial number, and measurement results.

Test fixture

We design and manufacture product adapters for the test system, which can be used to connect the product to be tested to the test device. The contacts are mainly made with test needles, which provide reliable contact with the product under test. In test adapters, we use a protective hood due to high voltages, the hood is closed before the start of the test and locked with a safety relay during the test.

In adapters, the connection to the product under test can be made manually, pneumatically or electrically as required. Connections can also be made from different directions, from which direction contact with the product under test is best. If, in addition to electrical safety testing, the product is subjected to an electrical function test, the test adapter requires a protective isolation mechanism that separates high voltages, etc. from mains electricity in all cases, including possible faults. The protective isolation mechanics work automatically when switching from electrical safety testing to functional tests