Test & Measurement equipment

Test & Measurement Equipment

Safety Tester and General Test and Measurement Equipment

The goal of every company is to deliver safe products to the end users, because the reputation and possible product liability issues are at stake. Many standards and directives require product’s electrical safety testing before delivery to customer. Such products are for instance power supplies, industrial automation, medical equipment and so on.

Since several decades Finero’s own range of safety testers and general test and measurement equipment has provided customers world wide with accurate R&D measurements , reliable production and safety testing.

Finero’s safety tester line and test equipment can easily be applied in test systems by using various available communication interfaces. All Finero testers are LabVIEW compatible and drivers are available.

Typical products that are tested with Finero Safety Testers are:

  • power supplies
  • medical equipment
  • industrial electronics
  • automation products
  • household goods
  • building system components